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Critical Financial Concerns in Springfield, MO Divorce Cases

If you are planning to end your marriage in Springfield, MO, it’s important to understand the significant impact your divorce is likely to have on your financial situation. Regardless of your income and whether you expect to pay or receive child support and/or alimony from your soon-to-be ex-spouse, there are several important financial considerations everyone must address in their divorce proceedings. Taking time to carefully evaluate your financial situation and the potential outcomes of your divorce can pay off significantly in the long run. Even a straightforward divorce case has the potential to cause difficult financial problems for the divorcing


What Does the Adoption Process Require in Springfield, MO?

Adoption is one of the most important functions the Springfield, MO, family court system serves. Adopting a child can provide several benefits to both the child and their parents, but navigating this process is often more complicated than many adoptive parents realize at first. An experienced Springfield, MO, family law attorney is a great asset to have on your side as you begin the adoption process. Your legal team can help ensure that you and your spouse meet all the procedural requirements for adoption and provide you with valuable guidance and coaching as you prepare to begin the adoption proceedings.


Signs Your Springfield, MO Marriage Is Coming To A Close

Though divorce is fairly common these days, many couples don’t see it coming. A lot of times, problems in a marriage begin to pile up, and the relationship reaches a breaking point that feels confusing or sudden to the members of the relationship. Though it may seem like a divorce comes out of nowhere, there are actually many reliable signs that a marriage is coming to a close, or is at risk for divorce. Here at Stange Law, we work with a lot of couples who have already reached the divorce breaking point. Because we see these scenarios so often,


What Happens If Divorce Mediation Fails in Springfield, MO?

Divorcing couples throughout the Springfield, MO, area and across the United States choose mediation more frequently than ever before when handling their divorce proceedings. In most cases, divorce mediation provides both spouses with an expedient and effective alternative to typical divorce litigation, allowing both of them to move on with their lives and incur fewer legal expenses than they could expect in protracted court cases. The mediation process is simple in theory, and while it can provide several advantages over litigation, it is not a completely foolproof way to ensure an entirely stress-free divorce experience. Mediation can only work when


Do I Really Need to Hire a Springfield, MO, Divorce Attorney?

The divorce process is never easy, even when a couple reaches a mutual decision to end their marriage. Divorce is a series of formal legal proceedings that ends a marriage contract, and it is typically multifaceted, time-consuming, expensive, and stressful for everyone involved. If you are preparing to end your marriage in Springfield, MO, and are thinking of ways to potentially streamline the divorce process and save money, it’s essential to understand the value of having reliable legal counsel on your side. The right attorney can make a tremendous difference in your overall experience, helping you reach a suitable divorce


Benefits of Choosing Divorce Mediation in Springfield, MO

Ending a marriage is a difficult process, and every divorce case unfolds in unique ways. If you and your spouse decide to divorce and plan to handle the divorce process in the traditional method, litigation, expect substantial legal fees and many months before you have your divorce decree in hand. Litigated divorce cases play out very similarly to most other civil cases; both parties retain legal counsel, appear in court, and have the opportunity to present evidence and offer testimony. The cost of divorce litigation is notoriously high, which is why many divorcing couples in Springfield, MO and throughout the


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