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How Long Does Divorce Take in Springfield?

When a spouse or a couple decides to get a divorce, it is often a hard decision to make. Many people want the process to go as quickly as possible. There are several things that affect the length of your divorce, depending on your unique situation and relationship. A Springfield divorce attorney can help you get through proceedings more efficiently, protecting you and your family’s interests during the divorce. The Residency Requirements Before Filing For some couples, the first thing that may lengthen the process of divorce is the residency requirement. At least one spouse must have been a resident


Ways to Privately Resolve a Springfield Divorce

Even when you and your spouse agree that a divorce is the right option, it is a difficult process to undertake. Keeping things private can ease some of the stress and help proceedings resolve more efficiently. Although many people consider divorce to be an in-court process, most divorces are handled privately. A Springfield divorce attorney can help you and your spouse find an effective way to navigate your separation that is easier on your whole family. Every divorce is different, and not every couple will be able to reach a solution through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods. If you and


Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples

Estate planning provides substantial benefits for many individuals, including married couples, individuals, and those with children. Unmarried couples have a significant reason to create a comprehensive estate plan due to having fewer property and legal rights afforded to them. To create an estate plan that addresses the unique requirements of your and your family’s well-being, it is important to talk with a Springfield estate planning attorney. Spouses have certain legal inheritance rights if their partner passes. An estate plan can make this inheritance better reflect an individual’s wishes, saving their spouse time, stress, and money. Unmarried couples do not have


Your Guide to Child Custody in Springfield, MO

Navigating divorce or separation when you have children can be complex and emotionally straining. It can be helpful to discuss custody arrangements with a child custody attorney as you negotiate these decisions. Types of Child Custody Child custody in Missouri includes both legal and physical custody. Both of these custody types can be joint or sole, depending on the unique circumstances and needs of a family. Physical custody refers to where a child lives primarily. Legal custody refers to the ability of parents to make important decisions for their child, including where a child receives healthcare, where a child will


What Is the Probate Process in Springfield?

The process of probate is necessary to manage and distribute an individual’s estate after their death. Many individuals use comprehensive estate planning to avoid long, costly, and stressful probate court. That way, their loved ones do not have to go through the process shortly after losing them. By working with an experienced Springfield estate planning attorney, you can create a strong and enforceable estate plan that protects you, your family, and your estate. The purpose of probate is to transfer assets and settle the debts of a deceased individual who died with no will, or intestate, or who only had


What Are the Benefits of Getting a Collaborative Divorce in Springfield?

A collaborative divorce is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Divorce mediation is also a form of ADR. ADR enables couples who are divorcing to settle their difference and negotiate the terms of their divorce outside of court. Rather than engaging in a likely contentious litigious battle, couples can work together with a Springfield collaborative divorce lawyer on a mutually beneficial separation agreement that both spouses have a say in. Collaborative divorces can be useful for spouses who wish to collaborate and those who may have a contentious relationship. Parties can negotiate important terms such as child support, property


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