Managing summer vacations while coparenting

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Sunday, May 26, 2019.

With schools set to get out for summer vacation very soon, parents in Missouri know they will have to adjust their schedules to fit in different routines and activities for their kids over the coming months. For divorced parents, this can be even more complicated as each parent must coordinate carefully with their former spouse. Learning how to do this while still maintaining some structure and consistency for their kids is an art unto itself.

As explained by Coparently, divorced moms and dads should take the ages of their children into consideration when making any summer visitation or vacation plans. For younger kids, it is best to avoid extremely long separations from one parent. As kids get older, more time can be spent away from one parent in a single trip or visit.

Another thing parents should do is get input from their children about their summer vacation, camp or other activity plans. Again, age appropriateness matters here as younger children should have less involvement in the decisions as they are not fully capable of making all of the choices necessary.

Very Well Family encourages divorced parents to look at creative ways to split time in some routine format when and where possible. This can allow a mix of flexibility and change from the school-year schedule but still create some structure for the kids. Examples of these schedules include splitting time into three days with each parent followed by four days with each parent or each parent having the kids for two days each and the next visit is three days, with the last round of days alternating between each parent.

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