Any divorce case has the potential to escalate into a highly complex legal battle. While some divorcing spouses are amicable toward one another and simply want reasonable results in their divorces, others are spiteful, vengeful, or outright unethical during divorce proceedings. It is not uncommon for divorcing individuals in Springfield, MO, and their attorneys to rely on outside experts who can clarify complicated questions, provide professional interpretations of available facts, and ultimately help the court deliver the fairest possible ruling in a divorce case.

If you are expecting to divorce in the near future, consult a Springfield, MO divorce lawyer as soon as possible to determine your best options for resolving the issue. The majority of divorce cases are settled privately through mediation, but this may not be possible in some divorce cases, especially those involving domestic violence, high net worth, and complex personal issues between the divorcing spouses.

Common Obstacles Faced in Springfield, MO Divorce Proceedings

It is very rare for a divorcing couple to agree on all issues related to their divorce at the outset of their divorce proceedings. In most cases, resolving a divorce comes down to transforming a contested divorce into an uncontested one, either through negotiation or litigation. The first major obstacle an individual might face in securing a fair and reasonable divorce result is an uncooperative spouse. No matter how agreeable you are willing to be in divorce proceedings, there is never any guarantee that your spouse will reciprocate this willingness to secure a collaborative divorce.

Some people lash out in unpredictable ways due to the stress of facing an impending divorce. Unfortunately, this can manifest in destructive ways that only succeed in complicating an already complex process. When divorcing spouses are not truthful in their divorce case testimony, provide incomplete or inaccurate financial records, or otherwise interfere with legitimate divorce proceedings for personal gain, it may be necessary to consult with experts to prove these actions and ensure a reasonable outcome in the divorce.

How Can Expert Witnesses Assist in Divorce?

Expert witnesses play roles in many civil cases throughout the US, including divorce cases. Attorneys consult expert witnesses to clarify highly technical or specialized information relevant to their cases or to provide professional interpretations of available evidence. There are many ways expert witnesses can play crucial roles in divorce proceedings in Springfield, MO:

  • If a divorcing spouse must prove a medical condition, disability, their attorney might wish to consult with medical experts who can provide the court with an easily interpretable explanation of the client’s condition. This may be necessary if a divorcing spouse intends to claim permanent alimony for a disability.
  • Tax professionals can weigh in on a divorce case in several capacities. For example, if one spouse believes the other has falsified their tax records, a tax professional can ascertain the credibility of the records in question. Tax professionals can also assist divorcing individuals to assess the tax implications of property and asset division in their cases.
  • Forensic accountants can be incredibly valuable in the event a divorcing spouse believes their spouse has hidden assets or purposely wasted community property in an effort to harm the other spouse.
  • Attorneys may also coordinate assistance from professionals and experts in social work, counseling, career advancement, budgeting, and much more. These professionals can assist the client in several ways during their divorce case, ultimately helping them develop a much stronger front for divorce mediation or litigation.

These are only a few examples of how divorcing spouses and their legal teams can take advantage of the professional services of expert witnesses. Some of these experts may only contribute in a consulting capacity, answering technical questions to assist in the development of the divorce case. Others will testify in court to provide a professional interpretation of complicated and/or specialized information.

The most commonly used experts in divorce cases are forensic accountants. In most divorces where disputes require professional review, the root cause is almost always financial in nature. Forensic accounts can also do much more than just prove falsities in a divorcing spouse’s provided financial records:

  • Forensic accountants can review divorcing parents’ incomes to calculate reasonable child support and alimony rates.
  • A forensic account will typically maintain a running tally of all financial claims levied in the divorce case, enabling easy reference for all parties and establishing clarity in difficult divorce cases with multiple financial disputes.
  • Experienced forensic accounts are especially useful in divorces involving family-owned businesses, performing business valuations and tracking records for use in divorce proceedings.
  • A forensic accountant can review a divorcing couple’s shared financial records to ascertain whether one of the spouses has intentionally “wasted” community property as the divorce has unfolded.

It is not uncommon for people facing divorce proceedings to overlook the potential value of working with expert witnesses. If your divorce raises complex financial questions of any kind, or if your case would be strengthened by the professional interpretations of an expert witness, talk with us. It’s crucial to raise these concerns with your Springfield, MO divorce attorney at the outset of your case.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Attorney

The main factor most people evaluate in a potential attorney is experience. It is essential to choose a legal representative who has experience handling cases like yours and to choose an attorney who has sufficient professional resources for successfully managing your case. Take advantage of initial consultation offers to learn more about a potential attorney’s philosophy, approach to divorce proceedings, and expectations for your unique case. Be sure to ask whether they foresee any reason to consult expert witnesses in your case and ask them about what you can expect from their firm in terms of securing expert witness contributions to your case.

If you are concerned that your spouse will attempt to hide or obfuscate material evidence in your divorce case or have evidence your spouse has unethically and illegally interfered in your divorce proceedings, call our firm. The sooner you secure legal representation from a Springfield, MO divorce lawyer, the sooner you can start building the strongest case possible for your divorce.