On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in High Net Worth Divorce on Tuesday, June 2, 2020.

There is little more important in life than love, and people will do a lot to protect their relationships and the other people in them. But we don’t live in fairytales. Real life sometimes requires people to put themselves and their own well-being first. This is certainly true if a marriage or other complicated relationship is coming to an end.

Missouri can rule on a divorce if at least one party in the marriage has been a resident of the state for 90 days. This is a shorter period than many other surrounding states.

Missouri makes it easier to begin the process of divorce, as the state does not require any specific “grounds” for a marital split. This means that one party is not necessarily at fault, so there is no assumption that one partner is more deserving than the other. If one partner wants to make that case, he or she must prove wrongdoing in some regard to the court.

When it comes to finances, courts will try to reach an equitable divisions. Equitable means that the court will try to divide a couple’s marital assets in a way that is fair — with an eye toward each spouse’s needs and contributions — not necessarily equally. It’s a mistake to assume that you will automatically walk away with half of the marital wealth.

Legal representation is always a good option for people looking at the possibility of divorce. An attorney can always help look at the options reserved for people who need a fresh start and want to preserve as much of their assets as possible.