Authorities take custody of missing boy in noncustodial abduction

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Child Custody on Monday, April 1, 2019.

Noncustodial parents in Missouri and elsewhere sometimes resort to drastic and illegal measures to spend more time with their children. A noncustodial father allegedly took his young son away from the child’s mother in Texas in late 2017 without her knowledge and brought him to Florida. After more than a year, Florida law enforcement has now found the child and placed him in custody with Child Protective Services pending a reunion with his mother.

For reasons that are unclear, it was only last week that Texas law enforcement filed the child’s case as abduction by a noncustodial parent, despite the child’s mother filing multiple reports against the father for interference with child custody beginning in January 2018. Following the father’s alleged abduction of his child, a court granted the mother sole custody in February 2018.

After receiving notification from Texas law enforcement that the father may have taken the child to Florida, his previous place of residence, authorities in the community of Sanford investigated a suspicious vehicle and found both the child and his father inside. It is unclear what legal consequences, if any, the noncustodial father will face for allegedly violating child custody and separating the boy from his mother for an extended period of time. Sanford law enforcement indicated that Texas authorities may choose to file criminal charges at a later date but did not give any further specifics.

There are always better options for resolving a custody dispute than violating court orders, and those involved in such a conflict may find it more productive to engage the services of a divorce attorney.

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